Idea for a course?

Want to help your audience or customers with a step by step process?Rapid Email Course

No idea how to build all the technology bits that comprise these online courses?

Whether you have a 3 part email that tells the story of how to start, build, and achieve something, or a 30-part, detailed technical program that walks your audience through a self-paced, milestone-based lesson plan, this course takes away all the difficult bits and lets your concentrate on your material and your students. Setup is a lot easier than you might think.


What Could You Do?

2 solutions that work really well:

  1. Zippy Courses by Derek Halpern over at – If you are using Wordpress, this plugin is a complete solution that integrates with your mailing list and has many, many features including graded quizzes
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  2. Mailchimp – a simpler solution is to just use mailing list software that has built-in automation (auto-responders). This is a cheaper and simpler option if you don’t need the bells and whistles in your first course


This course will take you through the exact steps to set up an email-based course using Mailchimp. All you need is a paid Mailchimp account with access to the Automation feature (starts at $10 per month – cancel anytime).

Special Coupon Offer included in the course!

What Else Do You Need?

Optional Additions: (all free!)

  • Any Website Site – Wordpress or similar, looks more professional but you don’t need it (free)
  • A Gumroad Account – if you want to take payments and look super professional, but again, you don’t need it (free)
  • Twitter Account – social proof, social promotion and distribution, this is optional but some sort of social is recommended so you don’t launch your course to crickets (free)

We’ll show you a few powerful, yet simple hacks you can do to turn these email list software services into a self-paced, great experience for your students, and a fully-automated sales machine for you to create a passive income stream.

By signing up for this Rapid Course creation program, you get a $30 MailChimp credit. That’s your first 3 months free! (new accounts only)

OK, Let's Get Started!

(Do I need to point out that’s more than the price of this course? That means you buy this course, you make $10!! Do it. I will not be able to maintain this price for long)

Is This Course For Me?

Who is this Course IS for?

Anyone. Literally, anyone with an internet connection can use this course.

  • Your grandma just learnt how to play bingo online and wants to show her friends how to set it up (inspirational? we thought so)
  • Your son just realised that people will pay him to show them how to barter properly in alternate dimensions in Minecraft (yep, it’s a thing)
  • You or your company would like to save time and create a better experience sharing training or how-to’s with your staff or clients
  • You just want to share your story, your knowledge with others

The uses are endless..

Who is this Course not for?

While seasoned internet marketing pro’s may already know everything there is to know about list-building, auto-responders, and Wordpress, this course does offer handy tips, some little-known hacks, and unique insights into creating a fully-automated, user-focused, great experience email course.

This course won’t show you how to build a 1000, or 10,000 strong email list, but it will show you how to launch a great looking experience and fully-automated system, easily for yourself and those 10,000 people will thank you for it when they find you.

OK, Let's Get Started!

What Is It?

What’s In The Course?

As “meta” as this sounds, this course will show you how to launch a course by showing you how I put this course together, to show you how to launch a…well, you get the picture:

  • 5-part, detailed walkthrough email series
  • Self-paced – take as long as you need, or do it in a few hours!
  • Hi-res diagrams and detailed instructions
  • $30 MailChimp credit (3 months worth when you sign up)
  • Bonus goal-setting workflow tips to reward your students
  • Bonus social integration code (just copy and paste and you’re set up) to help your students spread the word for you
  • Super Bonus – How to set up payments so you can get paid for your course (a fully-tailored Gumroad walkthrough)
  • Super Bonus – Integration hacks so you can create your course and let the power of the cloud sort out everything else including fulfillment and course delivery (exact steps to set up a Zapier cloud automation)
  • No coding required!

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Just want the steps, don’t need to see it in action?

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