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Read the book and still not sure about where to start?

Did the course and want it done exactly like that?

Just don’t have time to do all the bits and want the expert to do it all for you?


Since creating multiple of these (and literally wrote the book on…hehe) self-paced courses including this one, we are being inundated with enquiries from customers wanting this exact course created for them.

We have created 2 packages to make it super easy to get your awesome course created right now.

Package 1: Bare Bones – Just A Course

  • MailChimp Setup – email list creation, sign up process and form setup, goal configuration, and automation (auto-responder)
  • Basic WordPress Setup – lesson pages and a completed course page setup, goal integration to MailChimp
  • Gumroad Setup – product creation, payment integration, (does not include artwork)
  • Zapier Setup – integrate Gumroad sale and MailChimp for auto fulfillment (course will automatically start when purchased)
  • Up to 5 emails (lessons) created (no lesson content)



Package 2: Bells and Whistles – The Beautiful Course

Everything you see in this course, done for you!

  • Advanced MailChimp Setup
    • 2 email lists created – leads from landing page and sales from customers
    • Sign up process and form setup including leads capture from landing page
    • Goal configuration
    • Automation (auto-responder) creation
  • MailChimp Template Design – advanced email template for a beautiful layout
  • Advanced WordPress Setup
    • Landing Page for your course including an individual stock image to suit your design
    • MailChimp list integration right from the page
    • All lesson and course completion reward pages
    • Lesson and course completion reward sharing integration
  • Gumroad Setup – product creation, payment integration, stock image included as product header, optional coupon code setup, product embed on landing page (SSL required)
  • Advanced Automation Zapier Setup –¬†integrate Gumroad sale and MailChimp for auto fulfillment (course will automatically start when purchased), automatically remove paying customers from leads list and add to purchase list
  • Up to 15 emails (lessons) created


Notes on all packages: You need to provide ALL content. We do not do course content for you. We can help provide some assistance with copywriting at an additional fee.

What you need:

  • A WordPress Account (we can create for you)
  • A Website (WordPress or similar)
  • A Paid MailChimp Account (start at $10 a month, get your account here or purchase through the course for your $30 credit)
  • A Gumroad Account (we can create for you)

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