Rapid Course - 5 Steps to fully-automated self-paced email courses

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What Is It?

An easy to follow email course with step by step instructions

What Do I Need?

This course, an email service with an auto-responder, and your course idea

What Will It Give Me?

Your own fully-automated, self-paced course your students will love


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Want to share your knowledge with your tribe?

Building a group of students but not sure about all these technical things?

Even if you’re non-technical and on a shoestring budget, we show you step-by-step instruction on how to create a beautiful, fully-functional, self-paced email course in no time.

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Now Available In 2 Formats

Fully-Automated Self-Paced Course

  • 5-part email course
  • Includes full functionality
  • Step-by-step walkthrough

See the whole course in action for yourself while you build your very own!

Now Also Available As An E-Book

Now Also Available As An E-Book

  • includes all 5 lessons
  • easy to follow layout and printable
  • almost 100 pages!

The whole course is laid out in an easy to follow guide you can view on any device.

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